PhD course in Sustainable Communication

Sustainable Communication (SusCom) 7.5 ECTS. Web-based/Distant learning Postgraduate course for PhD candidates, Jönköping University, Sweden.

Sustainable Communication (SusCom) (7.5 ECTS) is a doctoral course designed for PhD candidates who want to deepen their understanding of the significance of media and communication for the realisation of global sustainability goals.

In a time where anthropogenic climate change poses a threat to our way of life, and where inequality, wars and armed conflicts remain global problems, there is an urgent need for global sustainability. This includes the goals of Agenda 2030, for example the elimination of poverty, the provision of clean water and climate change mitigation.

SusCom is a web-based distance learning course that focuses on the relationship between media and communication and the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability. The course has been developed by Sustainable Communication, an international research environment at Jönköping University. The research environment has published extensively in the areas of environmental communication, global journalism, transmedia storytelling and communication for social change.

The course runs from early November to late January. Drawing upon the latest theory developments and international empirical research, including theoretical and empirical research conducted at Jönköping University, the course covers the following themes:

• Introduction: What is sustainable development? • What is the role of media communication? Introduction to sustainable communication

• Sustainable communication and journalism (What are sustainable journalism & global journalism?)

• Sustainable communication and organisations (The challenges of cross-sector collaboration and communication for the realisation of sustainability goals)

• Sustainable communication as communication for social change

• Sustainable development and critique of ideology: the problematic aspects of the sustainability concept in media society (a critical theoretical approach to sustainable communication)

The course includes webinars and pre-recorded lectures as well as written and oral examinations. A syllabus will be accessible by the end of May. Click here to apply:

If you have any questions about the course, please contact Prof. Peter Berglez: or Prof. Ulrika