PhD student scholarships for online conference participation 2021

As a PhD student and member of the Swedish Association for Media and Communication Research (FSMK), you are invited to apply for a scholarship to cover conference registration costs. The association invites PhD students to apply in order to present accepted papers, extended abstracts, panel proposals, workshops or posters. Depending on the number of applicants, FSMK may also grant scholarships for students who participate only to listen/follow others’ conference presentations, without having their own accepted work. 

The scholarships are directed towards the major media and communication conferences held online in 2021:

  • International Communication Association 2021 (ICA), 27-31 May    
  • International Association for Media and Communication Research 2021 (IAMCR), 11-15 July
  • NordMedia 2021, 18-20 August
  • European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), 6-9 September 

As there are no on-site conferences this year, FSMK covers registration fees exclusively. As mentioned, applicants with accepted work are prioritized; applicants only participating can receive scholarships if funds allow.

Each PhD student can apply for a maximum of two conferences. 

In your application, please include: 

1. Name and affiliation/university 

2. A brief motivation including information on what conference/s the application is for and the associated costs (about 100 words) 

3. Letter of acceptance from the conference/s in question (or registration receipt/s for non-presenting students)

Deadline is June 20th 2021.

Send your application to FSMK treasurer Joanna Doona (