PhD Course in Political Economy and Production Studies with Vicki Mayer

Political Economy and Production Studies

PhD Course with Vicki Mayer, Tulane University. Bonnier Guest Professor Stockholm University, Two full days. 3 ECTS points. April 26 th-April 27 th 2018.

Course description

Innovation, Creation, Flexibility, Networks: The words are ubiquitous for media and communications industries but what do they mean? For industries? For workers? For consumers? In this short course, we do a deep dive into the fundamental concepts that have guided the study of media and communications industries as social forces through their structuring of production. These concepts provide fertile ground to raise research questions around people’s participation in production structures through their work and their everyday activities. Over the two days, we will explore practically how we can do field research that asks critical and reflexive questions about the interrelated nature of work and commodity production.

Register for the course with by March 10th. The reading and the in-class exercise should be done before the class starts.